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Warning: Plz be very careful when buying domains reg. with Godaddy

Recently, there are more and more buyers be scammed after bought domain(s) from members on different forums / domain marketplace. And almost in all cases, the bought domain(s) is reg. with Godaddy.

Normally, Buyer paid money, received domains pushed to his godaddy account, then the domain(s) be hold by godaddy in one a two days because of somebody raised Domain Ownership Dispute, and finally domain(s) be removed from buyer’s godaddy account.
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Chinese Pinyin Domains, Investing targets Chinese Users

I have posted the same on my Forum one year ago. I decide to repost it in my blog since more and more non-Chinese speaker and looking for making deals with Chinese End Users.

Here I am not talking about Chinese IDN domain, or ccTLD, .cn. My investment focus on .COM domains but have better value for End Users or Domainers from China.

Chinese is a very complex lauguage so please DO NOT put in money on this kind of domains after reading my posts. This is NOT a textbook for how to invest your money on Chinese User Targeted Doamins, but just share what are the points behind my deals, and share it with you for fun … [Read the rest of this entry...]

Y2010 is coming, better year for Domaining?

Looks Y2010 will be much better than 2009 for domaining

- The real world economy becomes much better than early 2009. US’ economy is on the way back to health

- The closing price for LLLL.coms auctions on Ebay is higher than last several months. [Read the rest of this entry...]

I upgraded my account on DNF, and looks good

I know DNF for years but didn’t like the idea of paid membership so don’t upgrade my account there in past years.

Domaining becomes more defficult in 2009…  I decide to taste more domain marketplaces than before.  eBay, Bido, afernic….  and finally decide to upgrade my account on DNF when I received a letter to tell me there has a summer promotion discount. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Only buy premium domains in the future

Have too many crapy domains waiting for renew. They are not too bad infact. Most of themare qualified domains if put them back to 2007 or early 2008

But no one will buy them in the suck economy world.  Some guys said everything will back on 2010, but who knows… Want to reduce my portofolio to 200 domains only but still have 900+. It is a big task for me [Read the rest of this entry...]

Just won at godaddy

I just won this few minutes before

The end price is little higher than I expected but still in low $xxx range

Like this name a lot~~ Will keep for long time with it